Showreel 2016

Can't believe I forgot to post this... I managed to make a new showreel a few weeks ago and posted it everywhere but here.
So here you go!


New things

Aaaand once again I forgot completely about my blog. Oh well.

I recently decided to (finally) set up a Facebook page for my arts, seeing as that was the only remaining frontier upon which I had yet to spew my artistic endeavours. So you can go look at that if you want.

Otherwise I don't have much to say. Not made a whole lot of art lately, I've got one freelance project going on and around that I'm trying to brush up my various software skills (or in some cases relearn them).

Although I did do this sketch of Ser Robert Strong, to coincide with the end of the latest series of Game of Thrones. So there's that.



Wow. Wow.
I clean forgot about this place. I've been very busy since the last update. Had a baby (well that was more my partner's doing but still). Been working at Oysterworld. Been fiddling heavily with photography (more on that later). There's so much more I could say, but I'll leave you with this:


eChalk for the nom

When I came back to work at eChalk for a long term period, back in November 2013, the first thing I was set to work on was Chicken Coop Fractions; at the time it was being developed as a set of resources for the eChalk website and as an iPad suite of games.

This year, Chicken Coop Fractions was nominated for a BAFTA Games & Interactive Games Experience commendation. Which is nice! Last friday we went down to the Doctor Who experience thingammybob in Cardiff Bay for a nominee's party. That was nice too!



Merry Eggsmass


I really wish this wasn’t this first non-work thing I’d drawn in 2015. But there you go.


Batman: 75


Ah good old Sketch Dailies, keeping me drawing when I’d otherwise be twirling my thumbs and staring at a blank page.

Batman recently turned 75, so that was the theme for that day.  A very fast, silly drawing in Flash. Done when I should have crawling into bed naturally.




Another Sketch Dailies theme.  It was probably inspired by the new Batgirl series, with a new design by Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart, so that’s the one I drew. Plus I like Bab’s work anyway, and this is one of the best Batgirl costumes there has been.

The Hound


Done for a Sketch Dailies theme a few weeks ago (“favourite Game of Thrones character”)





Almost forgot about this!

Mario’s brother, in robot form. Complete with murderous Omega Beams (a tribute to both ridiculous comic characters and Mario Kart 8)



Decided to try one of the topics on @sketch_dailies.

The topic was Mario.
I don't know why he's a robot.

Flash CS6


2013 Art Summary


A DeviantART summary of last year, just like the 2011 one!
A couple of things to mention here:
Yes, a lot of things I did last year were Design-a-Character challenges;
I also had ZERO deviations submitted to DeviantART in July and December (busy months?) so I used an Instagram photo of a batman drawing I did that month, and a screen grab of the Rocket Rooster game I did the artwork for shortly after starting at eChalk (you can see the game here but can only play a preview version without subscribing)
I would link to the original deviation that had the template for this meme, but it seems to have been taken down. i just had to rummage in my old PSDs to fine the 2011 one XD
One the whole, I think I did a little better than 2012, art wise. But just a little.


Amazing 3D Swivel Head illusion: Dewi the Dragon

I started working at eChalk in November last year, and recently we've been making these 3D paper illusions that appear to turn their head and follow you as you move. So, just in time for St. David's day, we've made the template for Dewi the Dragon available to download on the website. There's a full colour version, and a colour-free one that kids can download and colour in before assembling.

So once you've watched the video to see how it works, don't forget to print off and try one for yourself!


Gallery of Mo - Portrait #11


This one was an anomaly! I set my portrait limit at 10, but when I went back on the website, for some reason more slots had opened and this guy snuck in. So I thought what the hell, let’s do it anyway!

Gallery of Mo - Portrait #10



Gallery of Mo 2013 - Motrait #1

So I’m going to post all the portraits I’ve done so far.

You can see them all at Gallery of Mo, too.



Movember 2013

I know, I know, Movember is over. I’ve been too busy for bloggish things, alright?!

In any case I didn’t do the Movember moustache growing thing this year - mainly because my moustache is so poor - but I did partake in Gallery of Mo once more.



That’s my profile pic there. And though it’s now December, I’m still catching up on requests. It’s been a hell of a month!


Pokemon Team


Excited about the upcoming release of Pokemon X/Y. Annoyed that so many people seem to have gotten it early!

So I drew the current team that I am using in Pokemon Black V2: Sigilyph, Golurk, Venomoth, Eelektross, Cacturne and Tentacruel.



Prop Challenge: Weapon



Another Design-a-Character challenge: design a weapon, and then a character to go with it.

I drew this in my sketchbook rather than waiting for my computer to start up, and ended up using watercolours rather than going to the trouble of scanning it. Lazy day.


Shape Challenge 07


Yet another shape challenge for Design-a-Character.

Why does it take me so long to finish these?


Father’s Day

Completely forgot about posting this...


I didn’t know what to get my Dad for father’s day (plus he lives a long way away) so I drew a pic of him in his new favourite car, his Toyota MR2.

I think he liked it?


E4 Sting

A wild Blog Post appeared!


Sooooo earlier this month I submitted an entry for E4’s animated stings competition (the one that I wanted to enter in 2011 but missed the deadline by a country mile), and it’s recently been included on their website. It’s called ButcherE4 (WEAK PUN ALERT) and I did it in Flash. Of course.

Unfortunately* it’s not open to public voting, and being displayed on the website doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be shown on TV; but it’s on the internet, and you can go look at it and wonder “why did he bother?”

*or perhaps fortunately, as I am not at all popular




Digging around the hard drive lately and coming up with unfinished bits of art that I can, y’know, finish.

This started as a sketch in 2011, then last year became a load of line sitting around in a Flash file. I wanted to colour it without lines but I wasn’t sure I could do it as good as I wanted to, so I kept putting it off.

It’s finally finished now anyway!

Psylocke © Marvel Comics




I did a student film in my second year at uni about an Igor who got fed up of working for a mad scientist and decided to go look for a job elsewhere.
It wasn’t very good...

Then a couple of years ago I was doing daily sketches and tried to redraw Igor for one of them. Then a year or so later I decided to ink an begin colouring it.  Just now I finished it.